Edda in Argentina

by Rob Couteau

Published in:
Footwork: The Paterson Literary Review,
spring 1988 (NJ: Paterson)

Edda in Argentina
When I phoned Edda
in Argentina,
she shouted:
“What are you doing?”
“What else, but writing
poems about you?
How was your trip?”
She was sad on Sunday,
waiting hours alone
at the airport.
I said the whole city was sad:
that New York had dropped an octave
as she boarded her plane
for Buenos Aries.

It’s true that a city resounds
     with discord
when a soul like Edda
flies far away,
turning head and home
into something numb
     and cold:

Rain tapping
on tin-plated windowsills
as Edda walks
Southern skies.


 fine art

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