Your picture on the wall

by Rob Couteau

Published in:
Footwork: Paterson Literary Review,
spring 1993 (NJ: Paterson)

Your picture on the wall

your picture on the wall
stares relentlessly.
Such a tough,
austere beauty;
your eyes
fill the room
and tell me
I donít know
a thing
about you.

While youíre away,
Iíll listen to your favorite ~
the Ninth Symphony ~
over and over.
Iíll have to hear it
at least a hundred times
before the sound
melds to music
and starts to flow.

But youíre more difficult
than Beethoven,
and one hundred days with you
would yield nothing.
You dispense your secrets
†††† like a miser:
your kisses ever cautious,
meting tenderness
in exact proportion
to the short distance
weíve traveled.

Youíre building this first movement
with a madness and tension
that omits nothing
and that contains all
your great Ludwig
would be proud of.


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