The Homeless Mentally Ill. A Task Force Report of the American Psychiatric Association, ed. H. Richard Lamb, MD. (Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association, 1984.)

Book review by Rob Couteau





Published in:
The Bloomsbury Review,

March / April 1990 (CO: Denver)

This task-force report of the American Psychiatric Association includes fourteen essays that contain recommendations for dealing with the mentally ill homeless. Among these are proposals for an increase in supervised community housing, psychiatric and rehabilitative services, medical care, and crisis service. Sensible goals, such as the availability of at least one provider for each "chronically mentally ill" person in need, are mixed with the unfortunate consensus of those involved with this report to "change the laws in order to facilitate involuntary treatment." Additional recommendations include combating a lack of coordination in the network of funding- and treatment agencies; increasing research and data-gathering analysis; and financing the development of long-term solutions.


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