Nothing but

by Rob Couteau

Published in: Mochila Review, spring 2011 (MO: St. Joseph)

Nothing but

Listen carefully.
inside you
is a bull
with an elegant
molten snout.
And if you dare
at his bottomless eye
you will be trampled
by the force
of his unarticulated
And when you fall asleep,
completely unaware
of such creatures,
you’ll encounter a hoot owl
who shits stones
etched with tiny hieroglyphs
that not even
the wisest of ants
can decipher.
When you awaken,
an ever-insistent drone
of domesticated logic
will scream from its civilized heights
that owl stones
are simply made
from the bones of tiny birds
that they’ve devoured,
and bulls
are filled with nothing
but bullshit,
but the laughing black bear
and the snickering coyote
know better.


This poem is featured in:

The Sleeping Mermaid, poems by Rob Couteau;
with an Introduction by Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno



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