The Sleeping Mermaid

by Rob Couteau

Published in:
Out of Our, Feb. 2011 (CA: San Francisco)

The sleeping mermaid

A sleeping mermaid
washed ashore:
dirty-blond locks
down to her radiant waist,
seven feet tall
from head to fin,
breasts pale as moonlight,
full and
round and
with the natural ebb and flow
of the tide,
and when she breathed the filthy air
her tail transformed:
two long legs
in four-inch black stilettos.

In her deep blue
jeans and tight emerald T-shirt
adorned with sequined starfish,
she bedazzled the brine-encrusted fishermen
who tried to drown her
with endless shots of whiskey,
poking and prodding
and hoping to force her
to entertain
like a trained seal
in the mud-brown backroom.

But when she awoke,
nearly choking in a warm pool of blood,
the men were pinned to the wooden planks
by an enormous trident,
diamond tipped
and wreathed in seaweed,
and the mermaid
now fully awake
to the ocean.


 fine art

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